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The Heart Rock Hike

Heart Rock, in the Valley of Enchantment (shown below) is one of Crestline's natural wonders.
The Heart Rock hike is an easy 1-mile round trip along a creek through the forest. From Old Town at the top of Crestline, go down Lake Drive toward Lake Gregory. As you begin down the hill, Highway 138 will veer off on your left with a sign for Silverwood Lake. Take Highway 138 past the second stop sign. In approximately one-half mile, you will see the entrance to Camp Seeley (featured in the 1998 Disney movie, "The Parent Trap").  Turn left on the camp road and stay to the left, not going into the camp. Drive one-half mile to a small turnout before a locked gate. In the turnout you will see a sign for the Seeley Creek Trail and Heart Rock. The trail winds gradually down a creek through the forest for one-half mile. At the bottom of the trail there is a large pool in which people swim during the summer. However, before you go down the steep trail to reach the pool, walk around an outcropping of rocks to the right at the top of a cliff and you will see a beautiful natural sight—a large heart-shaped pool that has been carved into a solid rock cliff by the force of water. A waterfall often flows year-round next to the heart, and when Seeley Creek is full, the waterfall also flows through the heart.

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The Heart Rock waterfall.

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Heart Rock.

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The Heart Rock main fall from below.

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The main fall from below. This waterfall is about 18 to 20 feet tall.

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The swimming hole below the lower fall is full.

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This is a side view of the pool.

heartslide.jpg (26512 bytes)

Another shot of the pool, a cool place for a swim in the summer. Please don't leave any trash.

Photos by Lee Reeder