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The Lake Gregory Fitness Trail

The Lake Gregory Regional Park Fitness Trail, around the lake, is an excellent place to get a full-body workout in the cool mountain air. The trail around is a scenic 2.5-mile walk or run. For 1.8 miles of the course there are 10 fitness stations where runners or walkers may stop to do a variety of stretching, agility and strength exercises. Below you will find photos of some of the stations and sights along the fitness trail.  Scroll to the bottom of the page or click here for a detailed description of the route and stations.

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The sit-up station provides a very comfortable platform for an ab workout.

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Someone might be watching you as you exercise.

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The horizontal ladder station provides a good workout for your arms and shoulders.

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There are several benches along the way for those who might want to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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Don't be surprised if this mallard follows you around the shore on your workout.

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The body curl station is another ab cruncher.

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There are many nice sights from the fitness trail, including this view of the boathouse and snack bar, seen from the northeast side of the lake. Cucamonga Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains can be seen peeking over the ridge. Goodwin's Market is in the background.

Photos by Lee Reeder


The Lake Gregory Fitness Trail

With all of the stations now in place, the fitness trail around Lake Gregory is a great place to get a workout.

The 10 stations on the trail begin near the South Beach parking lot. If you want to get right into the stations, start at the South Beach parking lot located on San Moritz Drive and go counterclockwise around the lake. You’ll find Station #1 in about 100 yards. If you would like a good warm-up run or walk before you start the exercises, start in the same place and go clockwise around the lake. Your first station going this way (Station #10) will be just past the boathouse on the other side of the swimming area.

The collection of exercise equipment is called the Steel Challenge Course, and is manufactured by Miracle Recreation Equipment Company in Monett, Mo. It is not recommended for use by children under the age of 12. All of the stations have diagrams and instructions for the exercises. There are different numbers of repetitions of each exercise recommended for beginning, intermediate and advanced fitness levels.

Just up from the parking lot on the trail is Station #1, which is the leg lift. At this station is a post with handgrips at different levels. You stand with your back against the post and grip the overhead bar with both hands. Then you slowly lift one or both legs until they are parallel to the ground, and then you return to the starting position. The benefits of this exercise are to strengthen the thighs, legs and lower back.

A few hundred yards down the trail is Station #2—the sit-up, which strengthens the muscles of the stomach and lower back. The station consists of a slanted bench with two bars at the top. You sit on the bench with your legs bent and put your knees above the top bar and your feet under the lower bar, and do sit-ups as normal. We found this to be a much more comfortable way to do sit-ups than on a flat surface.

On the way to Station #3 you pass one of the major improvements that have been made to the trail. Workers replaced the crumbling wooden bridge there with a new steel and composite bridge.

Just before the San Moritz Lodge, you find Station #3, which is the horizontal ladder, a common sight on playgrounds for decades. At this station, you grasp the bar with both hands, lift your legs off the ground, grasp the next bar, and then repeat the motion to the end of the ladder. This exercise benefits your arms, shoulders and chest. Just past the lodge, some painting was done on the small bridge over the creek as part of the project.

Just past the Senior Center is Station #4—the beam jump. At this station you jump with legs together over a series of beams without stopping. This exercise strengthens calf and thigh muscles.

The next stop is directly in front of Lake Gregory Elementary School, where there are two stations together. Station #5 is the body curl, which strengthens the stomach, lower back and biceps. There is a bench with a bar on top. You lie flat on the bench and lift your legs, curling your body into a tucked position, and then slowly lower your legs back to the starting position.

Station #6 is the step-up, which is a series of bars on the ground with a vertical pole in the middle. You grasp the pole with both hands, and then stand up, bringing both knees up and stepping onto one of the bars. Still grasping the pole, you step down one foot at a time, and repeat as recommended, alternating feet as you go. This strengthens the thighs, knees and legs. The bars are at different heights for people of different heights or for different levels of difficulty.

Station #7 is the parallel bars. At this station, you grasp the bars and lift your feet off the ground, keeping your arms straight and “walk” down the bars with your hands. The exercise strengthens the shoulders, triceps, upper back and forearms. At the point of the large cove at the north end of the lake is Station #8, which is the balance beam. You step onto one end of the beam and them walk to the other. Be careful when stepping onto the beam. You might want to have a rag with you to wipe sand off the beam before stepping up onto it. This exercise strengthens calf and leg muscles and improves balance.

Near the bathrooms on the northwest side of the lake is Station #9, which is the jump-up. It consists of a tall slanted bar. You stand with the bar overhead and out of reach and attempt to jump up to it and touch the bar with one hand. This exercise strengthens thighs, calves and legs.

At Station #10, the final station, there are higher and lower bars for doing chin-ups, where you grasp a bar that is higher than your reach and then pull your chin up over the bar then lower your body to the hanging position, then repeat.  This exercise strengthens the shoulders, upper back, biceps, forearms and lats.

The fitness trail provides a great workout in a short amount of time. In 2004, workers from San Bernardino County Regional Parks and the California Conservation Corps replaced all seven of the old fitness stations around the lake with new equipment and added three additional stations. The first bridge on the route was replaced and the second bridge on the trail near the San Moritz Lodge was repainted. The trail was also better defined along the entire route.